Airline cabin waste is reaching an all time high.
It’s time you did your bit to reduce single use plastic and water waste.
Carry your own comfort and get rewarded for it.
Stay happy, stay green and stay clean.

World’s first pillow that transforms into a wearable blanket, neck pillow and sleeping pod with pockets.

An all in one travel companion to make every trip more enjoyable and comfortable.


Limited edition 0029MB kket travel blanket with a built in pillow.

Colour: Midnight blue #000220

Size: one size fits all
Open: 100cm x 62cm
Closed: 34 cm x 26 cm

Silk like feel, 50% cotton, 20% viscose
A soft and silk like feel designed to be your perfect travel companion.

Pillow 100% Organic cotton buckwheat hulls

Care: Machine Wash 30 degrees icon handwash. Please remove the pillow and neck strap before washing.

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